Victoria [2015]

'Victoria' is my second short film. I made this in the latter half of 2015 with a production company called 2V Studios, based in Wales. Looking at their work I felt that they might be sympathetic to my previous short, Michael, so I shared it with them. Andy asked me if I'd like to collaborate with them on a project they were a part of, with a charity called Red: Community, who are raising awareness of domestic slavery issues in Wales. They asked me if I'd like to write and direct a short film, to be featured as part of a series the company were making for the charity. We tried to identify an area not already covered by the films they were making and came upon a story centred around a port. For me the story of a port was a good fit as it was a continuation of a theme begun with 'Michael' but in a completely different setting. A bit of research revealed a port story in Wales that needed no fabrication to make work. The port at Anglesey, from Hollyhead to Dublin, is a trafficking hotspot. I'd like to thank the Welsh Anti-Slavery Commissioner Jim Coy and Stena Line for helping to make the film possible. We filmed Victoria in one day in August 2015. On reflection I consider that I was a little too subtle with the story, resulting in a lack of clarity.



On a routine ferry crossing from Ireland to North Wales, a young girl notices an odd situation with another passenger.

'Victoria' has played at the following festivals/events:



Move Me Productions Belgium - Short Film Festival 2016

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (BAFTA Cymru Qualifying Festival) 2016

IndieCrete Film Festival 2016

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016



Beca - Sarah Lightfoot

Sara - Rebecca Cooper

Chris - Joe O'Hare

Victoria - Chelsea Makayllah Baidoo

Mary - Gracy Goldman

Therese - Sharon Nanjosi Grice



Produced by - 2V Studios

Written & Directed by - Jonathan Kemp

Director of Photography - Andy Toovey

Sound Recordist - Joe O'Hare

Production Assistant - Luke Chantrell

Editor - Jonathan Kemp

Music - Sam Jones

Colourist - Alex Gregory

Executive Producer - David Hankey



James Coy, Leigh Lightfoot, Gwent Police, Solace Agbleze, Holyhead Sea Cadets, Stena Line Ferries, Elim Church Holyhead, Soroptimist International Holyhead, Delight Makayllah Maame-Fritzwaa Baidoo



On a routine ferry crossing from Ireland to North Wales, a young girl notices an odd situation with another passenger.


Victoria is the 3rd film in the RED Alert trilogy of trafficking awareness films.


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